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Mike Sweeney

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Top Stories by Mike Sweeney

So you’re ready to redesign your website.  Or maybe you’ve launched a new business and are designing a new site from the ground up.  Congratulations, while this is going to take some effort and involvement on your part — whether you work with an internal team or bring in a firm or specialist as a partner — it’s going to be exciting, interesting, and probably a chance for you to learn a lot. Before you do anything though, it’s critical to have a plan.  I know those of you who regularly read Marketing Trenches aren’t at all shocked – it’s rare that we do anything without mentioning a plan.  In this case, what you really need to think about before you do anything with the website is everything that you are going to do after the website.  What do I mean by that? Let’s face it, the days of “If you build it, they will come” are long gone.  Except with some very rare exc... (more)

Five Simple Tips for 2010 Marketing Planning

Admit it.  You haven’t started working on your 2010 marketing plan.  Sure, you’ve thought about it and maybe you even built an outline.  You may have held a meeting or two to discuss.  And your calendar for 2010…well, it’s already full of trade shows, weekly meetings with your marketing team, scheduled promotional mailings, and perhaps even a few webinars.  Unfortunately, that’s not really a marketing plan.  And that’s certainly not the way to address interactive marketing. If you already have your 2010 plan built and ready for action, I commend you.  Based on the organizations ... (more)

The Top Five Objections to Corporate Blogging - and How to Overcome Them

So we talk about blogging a lot around here.  And why not - I mean after all Marketing Trenches IS a blog so it does make a whole lot of sense.  We’ve also found that our blog is one of the best, and probably THE best, tools for our business. Yet despite that ringing endorsement, and all the reasons that companies, organizations and individuals blog, all too often we still run into the same most common objections to blogging.  So, I thought rather than listing all the reasons you should blog, many of which we have covered before, I would set about answering these 5 most common o... (more)

How to Build an Effective Content Marketing Plan

According to the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, content marketing is on the rise, with 93 percent of marketers using content marketing, compared to 91 percent last year. For most, this is not all that surprising. Also not surprising: 42 percent of B2B marketers consider themselves effective at content marketing, up from 36 percent last year. Here’s where things get interesting: Of the marketers who consider themselves ineffective at content marketing, 84 percent have no documented content marketing strategy. All of this explains why, this marke... (more)

You Don’t Need a Social Media Superhero

New Media on Ulitzer “I hear you guys are the social media gurus in this area. Can you help us blow out our efforts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook?” These were seemingly innocent words from a prospective client, spoken just last week. As we dug a bit deeper, the red flags started flying. He wants help with social media only, and wants to address only those three properties. He doesn’t want us to worry about how the website, blog, search, email or other areas might impact social media. He is concerned about tracking the effort, but his tracking and measurement will focus on volu... (more)